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We partner with Fortune 500 household names in a broad range of industries including Aviation, Consumer Products, Energy, Entertainment, Insurance, Retail, Technology, Utilities, Travel and Transportation.

Our Clients

The world’s most complex and high-performing organizations look to Intrizen for journeys of transformation yielding meaningful and measurable improvements in how they do business.

Our practice expertise spans global, multi-phased, end-to-end digital transformations for clients ranging from medium-sized companies to the largest Fortune 500 enterprises.

Our Services

Human Capital Strategic Business Advisory offers advice and counsel for decision support leading to effective people strategies that align with the organization’s long-term goals.

HR Service Delivery and Shared Services provides a client-tailored view of optimum approaches to delivery of all HR and shared services.

Digital Transformation Vision Advisory offers thought leadership and partnership on digitizing  the organization’s HR vision, including articulation of specific outcomes that inform and define the roadmap to HR service delivery excellence.

Digital HR Discovery is high-level, collaborative strategy and design alignment to determine how digital transformation can most effectively enhance the way the organization does business.

Human Experience Advisory by Leveraging A.I. is the selective, strategic, and transparent application of artificial intelligence to optimize the enterprise with insights, recommendations, efficiencies, and complementary automation.

Strategic and Tactical Business Process Advisory establishes consistent and efficient business processes with clarity of purpose that deliver positive experiences for users.

Human Capital Governance Models provide thought leadership toward development of a people-centric governance model supported and enabled by digital transformation.

HR Modernization Product and Program Roadmaps can offer roadmap clarity and consultation, measurement and metrics, alignment with industry benchmarks and organizational dynamics.

Solution Agnostic End to End HR Technology Transformation is a results-focused approach to HR transformation that is independent of any specific proprietary solution.

HR Technology Solution Leadership is overarching guidance and consultation, including broad industry context and best practices, ensuring technology solutions that are most in alignment with the organization’s digital vision.

End to End HR Technology Deployments from Design through Rollouts are seamless, one-stop-shop deployments with leadership and management continuity through every phase of transformation.

Strategic Services Focusing on Specific Project Phases can address and support standalone phases of transformation, including connectivity of new vendor services/systems or enhancement of previous integrations.

Packaged Solution Delivery provides HRIS software for core processes including recruiting, onboarding, performance management, time/attendance, compensation, succession planning, collaboration, and payroll.

Human Capital Analytics ensures dynamic and actionable datasets for informed decisions, enhancing visibility that supports both day-to-day and long-term strategic planning.

Human Capital Change Management Strategy and Execution provides effective strategies and tactical execution around significant organizational change related to merger/acquisition, restructuring, technology and other transitions.

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