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Transforming Your Organization, One Connection at a Time

We partner with our clients to create the systems, processes, and experiences that reduce friction, increase connection, and breathe life into the people and culture of a company.

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HR Software Implementations (SuccessFactors) 

Human capital management and human resources are essential to business. HR information systems software, such as SuccessFactors, is implemented to support a company’s full HR lifecycle inclusive of recruiting, onboarding, performance management, time and attendance, compensation, succession planning, employee collaboration, core HR processes and payroll. We guide clients through every step of an implementation, making sure that every decision aligns with your business objectives. 

Our services include:

  • Project strategy 
  • Project resource planning
  • Project management
  • Project implementation: design, build, test, go-live, support
  • Project support

Business Systems Architecture Design

Enterprise architecture is the design and implementation of systems, processes and resources required for business to execute on its long-term strategy. Business systems are an enabler and the underpinning framework for companies to operate, measure and achieve its targeted goals and objectives. Intrizen helps clients devise the architecture that will maximize their business and create more positive experiences.

Our services include:

  • Planning
  • Strategy
  • Roadmap
  • Implementation
  • Management
  • Governance
  • Optimization

    Business Systems Enhancements (Production Support)

    Business systems are essential for the company to operate the business. These systems must continually be maintained and enhanced to support the business objectives, latest technology updates and the ever-changing industry landscapes. We help clients get the most out of their existing systems while implementing new technologies and best practices.

    Our services include:

    • System support model strategies (agile)
    • Solution design
    • Solution documentation
    • Expert configuration advisory
    • Configuration build
    • System testing
    • Defect support

      Business Process Engineering

      The purpose of business process engineering is to create step-by-step, repeatable processes for employees and system users to execute their work. These include online and offline actionable steps, workflows, decision points and responsibilities throughout the processes. Our team helps clients build new business processes that deliver clarity, efficiency, simplicity and more positive experiences. 

      Our services include:

      • Identification of all processes
      • Full evaluation of end-to-end processes
      • Identification of roles and key touchpoints
      • Definition of role responsibilities
      • Evaluation of process steps, decisions and critical control points
      • Process map documentation

      Strategic Business Advisory 

      Our strategic business advisory team delivers solutions for companies most complex business challenges. We evaluate the options, provide detailed analysis and make recommendations for a company’s toughest decisions. 

      Our services include:

      • Comprehensive review of business challenges
      • Extensive analysis for solution options
      • Solutions options with key evaluation summary
      • Solutions alignment with requirements documentation
      • Documentation of change impacts
      • Decision-making process (binary decision tree)
      • Strategic advisory & recommendations

        Full-Lifecycle Testing Management

        Every implementation or enhancement requires testing management to ensure the system meets the business requirements and is functioning as expected. We take this process off of our clients’ hands, using our expertise to ensure the highest quality solutions while saving them valuable resources.

        Our services include:

        • Testing strategy
        • Scenario definition
        • Test scripts (execution steps with expected results)
        • Datasheet creation
        • Test system preparation
        • Test execution
        • Defect management

          Automation: Business Processes & Testing

          Organizations use automation to streamline repetitive business processes with highly accurate precision and speed. We help companies implement automations that drive down costs, improve quality of execution and offer the ability to scale up and down at critical times.

          Our services include:

          • Identification of automation opportunities
          • Automation scenario definitions
          • Automation development
          • Automation datasheets
          • Automation execution
          • Automation defect management
          • Automation ROI analysis

            Data Conversion, Transformation, Historical Data Migration

            Data is one of the most powerful and challenging assets that an enterprise has. To maximize its potential, your data must be compatible, well-integrated, easily accessible, and safely protected. We help businesses take control of their data, empowering them to make more informed, data-driven decisions.

            Our services include:

            • Data analysis
            • Data regulations review
            • Historical data retention
            • Data migration & transformation
            • Data accuracy control & confirmation

              Systems Integrations

              Intrizen integration services design scalable systems to interact with each other via integration services. We automate the syncing of systems, support key business transactions and drive data to the most important decision makers.

              Our services include:

              • Requirements analysis
              • Functional specification documentation
              • Technical specification documentation
              • Interface building
              • Interface security review
              • Interface testing
              • Cutover planning
              • Interface support

              Advanced Business Intelligence

              Your decision-making is only as good as the intelligence behind it. We guide clients in uncovering deep insights about their business through comprehensive business intelligence. Our team unlocks powerful datasets that transform reports, analytics, dashboards, scorecards, predictive modeling and forecasting.

              Our services include:

              • Current state assessment
              • Evaluating key initiatives
              • Identification of critical control points
              • Proposing metrics
              • Industry benchmarking
              • Information vs. influence analysis
              • Predictive modeling and forecasting

                Change Management

                Intrizen helps organizations navigate the dynamic landscape of business transformation. This includes critical times of organizational change such as mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and technology transition. Our proven change management strategies ensure efficient and effective transformations with impacts that endure.

                Our services include:

                • Change analysis (as-is / to-be)
                • Change impacts
                • Identify communication channels
                • Competency assessment
                • Building of change network
                • Proactive change communication
                • Track & measure adoption of changes

                SAP SuccessFactors Training

                Any new system comes with a learning curve. At Intrizen, we want every implementation to reach its highest potential, so we train businesses and consultants on all stages of an HR transformation.

                Our services include:

                • Introduction to SuccessFactors
                • SuccessFactors mastery training
                • SuccessFactors administrator training
                • Advanced architect training
                • Consulting training
                • Advanced consulting training

                  “We believe in using technology to provide value and create positive change on a global scale.”

                  -Jonathan Haberkorn

                  THE INTRIZEN APPROACH

                  Creating Systems, Processes and Experiences That Transform Your Business

                  Your organization is a complex ecosystem with innumerable touchpoints. Friction at any one of these moments creates a negative effect. The more friction, the greater the impact–on productivity, service, morale, culture. Whether a fluke or a flawed system, with so many interconnections it’s difficult to see the whole picture clearly. And without a clear vision, you can’t know how to make changes for the better.

                  The Intrizen Approach identifies, optimizes and creates the systems, processes and experiences that will transform your organization for the better. This top-down, bottom-up approach enables us to examine your organization from all angles and gain a comprehensive understanding of every pain point and opportunity. By working from the minute details to the big picture, we’re able to formulate a vision of success for your business and make it a reality.