October 30, 2022 in Case Studies

Fortune 500 Automotive Retailer Client x Intrizen Case Study

How a Fortune 500 Automotive Retailer Client Enabled a People-Centered Employee Experience

HR Digital Transformation with Workday Powered by Intrizen

A Fortune 500 Automotive Retailer Client is a multinational auto and truck parts manufacturer and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of tires and other rubber products with 50,000+ employees across 150 countries. As part of their commitment to advance their innovative technologies, the Fortune 500 company embarked on a journey to transform and modernize their internal HR function.

In order to support their North American employees, this company sought a people-first digital transformation strategy that strengthened their core HR, talent acquisition, management and operations teams. They enlisted the expertise of Intrizen’s HR transformation team due to their proven track record in HR transformation and innovative processes working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies across the globe.

In partnership with this Fortune 500 Automotive Retailer Client, Intrizen worked to tackle challenges around their digital transformation vision and the modernization of their overall HR platform ecosystem. The implementation included complex integrations and payroll processing solutions that could support more than $2.5 billion in transactions.

Intrizen focused on developing a vision for their Digital HR transformation that would modernize their entire HR ecosystem. The strategic plan of deployment, and the execution of the Workday digital transformation project were designed to streamline the processes across all HR business functions. The Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) integration strategy replaced more than 45 HR payroll and talent platforms with a single Workday platform, speaking to the success of the centralized governance model that was put in place

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