A Thriving Team Delivering World-Class Results

Collaboration at Intrizen has an exponential quality that makes our team far more powerful than the sum of its parts. We have a strong team of exceptional talent and each of us shares a commitment to guide organizations on journeys of transformation that strengthen human connections.

A Small But Mighty Team Delivering World-Class Results


Jonathan Haberkorn

Partner /
Customer Success

CEO and Founder Jonathan Haberkorn is a recognized thought leader in the digital transformation space whose people-centric, values-based approach to business optimization has been deeply influential in how leaders view the role of human capital and technology in the growth and success of the enterprise.

Through ownership and development of Intrizen, Jonathan has championed a people-first paradigm to define large-scale transformations, one that has resonated with leaders seeking to enable new efficiencies and improve key touchpoints for their people.

Jonathan has become known for his depth of knowledge in the selective, strategic, and transparent application of artificial intelligence to optimize the enterprise with insights, recommendations, efficiencies, and complementary automation.

With Jonathan at the helm, Intrizen has grown to become a trusted advisor to Fortune 500 household names in aviation, consumer products, energy, entertainment, insurance, retail, technology, utilities, travel, and transportation. He has led development of an expanding menu of services designed to improve the lives of the employees and customers of the organizations Intrizen served.

Prior to Intrizen, he established and led Apex Information Solutions, managing numerous successful Fortune 500 digital transformations. At Apex, Jonathan led the world’s largest implementation of SuccessFactors to date, creating a Human Experience Management solution now actively used by millions worldwide. Earlier in his career, Jonathan led digital transformation projects at Deloitte and IBM.

He is a strong advocate for values-based culture emphasizing collaboration, teamwork, trust, and respect, as well as providing an environment where talented people can do their best work.

Jonathan is known for frequent and transparent client communication and is adept at managing both onsite and remote resources, navigating multiple time zones and cultures. A resident and native of Naples, Florida, Jonathan enjoys sunshine, meditation, endurance activities, music, and racking up his frequent flyer miles.

Bhavesh Kapoor

Partner /
Customer Success

Intrizen Partner Bhavesh Kapoor is an industry veteran and thought leader known for his expertise in counseling senior leaders on customized strategies and roadmaps that are right for their HR and technology vision, core strategies and organizational culture.

In a career spanning more than 20 years, Bhavesh has guided HR and service delivery teams on digital transformational journeys at some of the world’s largest and most complex global companies, developing best practices that have influenced the broader digital transformation landscape.

Bhavesh has extensive expertise helping large-scale enterprises realize a human capital vision for service delivery, operations, and technology via tailored digital transformation and cloud strategy.

He has supported multiple large-scale clients across a broad range of industries. Bhavesh was instrumental in one of the largest M&A integrations in the airlines Industry, touching more than 550,000 associates across 56 countries. Bhavesh led the integration effort to design the future state of HR service delivery, including process, operations and technology platform transformation.

At Intrizen, Bhavesh has led large-scale transformations for world-class companies that include a $100 billion, Fortune 50 retail leader and the North American unit of one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturing and retail organizations. Previously, he held strategic leadership roles at Big-4 consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting and Capgemini Consulting.

Bhavesh and his family live in Houston, where he enjoys various fitness activities, running around his kids and pursuing a passion to experiment with his culinary skills.

Kimberly Ciaramitaro

Executive Assistant

Strategic Directors

Peter Kozodoy

Accelerated Business Growth /
Strategic Initiatives

Tom Black

Sales /
Business Development Strategy

Joel Gandara

Executive Growth /
Leadership Strategy

Core Consulting Group

Terry Hsiung

Solutions Delivery

Dilip Kumar

Operations Manager /
Solution Specialist

Josh Ciaramitaro

Operations /
Special Projects

Harika Mokala

Senior Leader for Payroll Consulting


Lyric Everly

VP of Marketing

Nare Ovsepian

Marketing Manager

Baili Willson

Social Media

Mark Spearman

Executive /
corporate communications

Technical / Finance

Justin Harris

Director System Tech /

Albert Ribas

Website /
Special Projects

Ari Brown

Corporate Finance

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