February 15, 2022 in Apps, Newsletter, Technology

The Metaverse

Intrizen Perspective:

Do you remember when the internet first came about? There were many unknowns about what it would be and what it could do. A lot has changed since then, and we believe the metaverse will evolve in the same way. Boldly stated, this is as important of an invention as the internet. Let me explain…

The metaverse is currently a blank canvas with opportunities for human creativity and genius to evolve it into the next platform of internet experience. This next step in technology will evolve the way we interact with one another socially and with commerce. Think of it as an augmented human experience where worlds blend together through reality, augmented reality and virtual reality to create more immersive experiences in our daily lives. With the mix of creativity, genius and commerce the metaverse will change how we work and the world of commerce.

Think of walking through a mall and having the option for immersive shopping experience where personalized experience can serve up important information (by your own selections) and visually display it through your glasses or sunglasses. Your personalized shopping experience will know your dimensions, whether or not that product is in-stock with your size and visually display it as an overlay on you. Imagine, trying on new styles of clothes, sunglasses or products without even having to go to dressing rooms.

Imagine being at the Super Bowl, watching the game or the half time show, from any angle in real-time. While doing so, having an augmented experience of visual display of effects from a metaverse overlay.  If you like stats, you could have a stat’s experience, or if you prefer to know more about the history of someone, it could have a sports history setting that gives you the details in real-time. If you want to have an expanded half-time show, the experience could be digitally augmented through visual and audio effects that could not necessarily be done in the physical world.

Think of taking a tour of any city in the world, walking through the areas and having a fully narrated and visual overlay of the history of each area. A walk through a museum or art exhibit with enhanced details and interactions about the exhibits available. Restaurants will have enhanced interactive menu selections in virtual display with personalized recommendations of meals that you can eat and flag meals that you may be allergic to.

Virtual workspaces and virtual conferences make it possible for remote workers to interact with each other in virtual reality.  In the virtual meeting rooms you will be able to create your own customizable avatar that represents you and interact with others that also have avatars. You will then be able to interact with others both in and outside of the virtual space, your computer, virtual tablets, digital pens, digital paper, infinite white boards and even set your own virtual meeting space to be on any backdrop.

Aside from the visual enhancements that metaverse brings, there is an important step in technology where we will no longer need to type. The physical keyboard will be antiquated technology replaced by voice commands and hand gestures. This interaction smooths the friction on computer input and slowness of the physical typing process allowing for increased speed of interactive experiences.

As you can see, we’re at the forefront of what’s possible in the metaverse. Although we are still in the early stages, it’s inspiring to see how creativity, imagination and genius will enhance our lives and the way we interact with each other.

Peace & Blessings,

Jonathan Haberkorn
Intrizen CEO & Strategic Visionary

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