Helping people navigate through change.


Multiplying happier human connections through HXM transformations.

Intrizen is an Industry-leading technology partner that guides the world’s largest companies through high-impact HXM transformations. We are a team of visionary enterprise software architects dedicated to designing solutions for your organization.

We do this by leveraging creativity, tech-forward thinking and strategic problem-solving to create positive change and transformation. The result is a track record of leading Fortune 500 companies through complex, multi-phase, global system implementations; all while making our clients feel at ease. 



Transforming Your Organization, One Connection at a Time

We partner with our clients to create the systems, processes, and experiences that reduce friction, increase connection, and breathe life into the people and culture of a company.

Business Systems Architecture Design

Business Systems Enhancements

Business Process Engineering

Strategic Business Advisory

Automation Testing Development

Data Conversion & Transformations

Systems Integrations

Advanced Business Intelligence

Experience / Change Management

SuccessFactors Training


Connecting the 4 Pillars of Positive Transformation


People are the most valuable asset of any business, organization, or community. Investing in your people and your culture leads to meaningful interactions across your company. This means less stress, more connection, and greater happiness.


By multiplying happier human connections through systems and processes, Intrizen empowers clients to actively transform their culture for the better. This results in true value for the world, the business, and the bottom line.


We believe in technology as a force for good and a powerful tool to create change and improve lives. Our team of visionary enterprise software architects transform technical complexity into seamless solutions, making it enjoyable for teams of all sizes to connect with ease.


Every organization exists to do great things–to leave a lasting legacy. When your people experience happier human connections at work, your company’s legacy grows. As the architect of those connections, we strive to build our own story by growing the legacies of our clients.

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