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Enterprise Talent Architect

Aug 10, 2020

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Job Description Details

Job Title: Enterprise Talent Architect
Location: TBD
Reports to: TBD
Chief Information Officer Supervises: TBD

Job Summary: Talent Enterprise Architect is responsible for the creation, maintenance and management of Talent Systems Architecture systems, process and associated integrations. They are also required to interpret, use and apply information contained within IT architecture to inform a range of business improvement activities, particularly those involved in the design, development, enhancement and maintenance of Talent support systems. Enterprise Talent Architect is expected to ensure that the overall architecture is maintained in a coherent manner and that appropriate considerations are made for its security and quality. The primary role of the Enterprise Talent Architect is to ensure that the respective business, application, data and technology perspectives are in line with the organization’s technology and governance strategies, policies and standards.

Working Conditions: Normal office hours and conditions with the possibility of working after office hours and on weekends as and when required.  

Main Duties

  • Recommends and participates in activities related to the design, development and maintenance of the Enterprise Architecture (EA).
  • Researches overall talent solutions on the market for particular technical requirements and business needs.
  • Conducts and/or actively participates in meetings related to the designated project/s, both locally and internationally, with clients and/or partners.
  • Advises and recommends enterprise architecture strategies, processes and methodologies.
  • Recommends and participates in the analysis, evaluation and development of enterprise long-term strategic and operating plans to ensure that the EA objectives are consistent with the enterprise’s long-term business objectives.
  • Shares best practices, lessons learned and constantly updates the technical system architecture requirements based on changing technologies, and knowledge related to recent, current and upcoming vendor products and solutions.
  • Participates in and manages Architecture Working Groups for the development and maintenance of the EA
  • Collaborates with all relevant parties in order to review the objectives and constraints of each solution and determine conformance with the EA. Recommends the most suitable technical architecture and defines the solution at a high level.
  • Recommends and participates in the development of architecture blueprints for related systems. Direct the IT/technology architecture activities.
  • Identifies and recommends areas appropriate for further study and participates in any Proof of Concept projects required to thoroughly investigate architectural possibilities and strengthen arguments for their adoption.
  • Identifies implementation risks and analyses potential impact on the enterprise and on the achievement of scheduled objectives.
  • Recommends and participates in the design and implementation of standards, tools and methodologies.
  • Participates in the design and implementation of IT service management standards, tools and methodologies.
  • Design, implement and maintain procedures relating to service catalogue and/or service level management activities

Business competencies: Organizational awareness; IT awareness and impact; IT legal matters, ethics and professionalism Senior Professional Leadership competencies: IT Strategy and governance; IT Quality management; Customer service management; IT Financial management; IT HR management; IT Risk management and Entrepreneurship Senior Professional