February 27, 2020 in Digital Transformation, HR

10 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your HR Solution

10 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your HR Solution
10 Signs That It’s Time To Upgrade Your HR Solution

Is It Time to Upgrade Your HR Solution?

Making the decision to change your HCM system is never easy. It can be a costly, arduous, resource-intensive journey that may leave business leaders wondering if it’s worth it, or if it’s really necessary right now.

But in reality, holding on to an outdated or ineffective system can erode your culture, your growth and your bottom line.

Here are TEN COMMON SIGNS that it’s time to make the investment and transform your organization from the inside out:


1. You’re not attracting top talent.

If you’re struggling to engage or retain high caliber candidates, your HCM may be to blame. With the quality, capabilities and user experience of a top-tier, enterprise solution, you can edge out the competition and level up your workforce.

2. You’re in the middle of a merger or acquisition and need to consolidate two disparate systems.

At their best, M&A’s are risky situations that require thoughtful solutions to navigate. If you’re trying to unite two different workforces, you need a singular system that they can all rely on.

3. Your employees are wasting time and making costly errors by entering data manually.

We’ve entered the age of automation. If you’re wasting valuable resources on manual data entry, you’re missing out on more powerful ways to allocate those resources to grow your business.

4. You have too many different platforms and they don’t talk to each other.

If your data is scattered and disconnected, you don’t have the business visibility you need, and your teams can’t do their jobs as effectively. A new system will enable you to optimize the experience and actually use your data to inform your business strategy.

5. Your current system is clunky and outdated.

Relying on a difficult, outdated system not only results in inefficiencies, but also causes you to miss out on new transformative technology. It can even put you at regulatory or security risk.

6. Your current system doesn’t work on mobile.

Today’s business transcends the confines of an office or a laptop. It can be done anywhere. If your HCM doesn’t work on mobile, you’re missing a powerful opportunity to support employees and engage new talent.

7. You’re spending thousands of dollars just to maintain your system.

If you’re paying too much just for maintenance, investing in a new, more cost-effective system may be a much better financial solution over the long run.

8. Your staffing costs are too high.

Staffing costs are often the biggest expense on your P&L. Even an incremental improvement would be a tremendous boon to your profitability. A new HCM system empowers you to control and optimize your staffing costs, resulting in higher profits or more money to invest back into the business.

9. It takes too much time or resources to complete even simple tasks.

Time is money. Every second wasted on a simple task is multiplied thousands or even millions of times over throughout your organization as time goes on. Can you afford to lose out on that much productivity in your workforce?

10. You’re not sure if your data is secure.

Security breaches happen every day, costing millions in solutions, damages, PR and brand equity. With the highly sensitive information in your HCM, you must be absolutely certain it is secure, or you are exposing your business to tremendous risk.


If any of these situations sound familiar to you, it’s time to consider a better way. Let us walk you through your options. Contact Us #WeAreIntrizen