Helping people navigate through change.


Multiplying happier human connections through HXM transformations.

Intrizen is a team of visionary enterprise software architects who guide clients through high-impact human resources transformations. Intrizen specializes in creating fully-integrated SAP SuccessFactors solutions for mid and large-sized businesses. Our industry-leading Intrizen Approach creates systems and processes that reduce friction, increase connection, and breathe life into the people and culture of a company.

At Intrizen, we help industry leaders become change-makers for the highest good. We leverage creativity, forward-thinking and strategic problem-solving to create the most positive, impactful and memorable experiences possible for the people we connect. When your people experience happier human connections, this builds both our legacy and yours. Together, we can leave a lasting positive impact on the world.


Going Beyond Expertise with Leadership, Partnership, Vision and Positivity.

Transforming your organization with a new HCM solution may seem overwhelming or even impossible. But that’s why we’re here. We go above and beyond experience and technical expertise to serve as the guiding light that helps our clients navigate the journey with confidence, peace-of-mind, and of course, happiness. Think of us as an extension of your own team, filling in the gaps with the unique skill-sets needed to make each project a success. We serve as:

An Experienced Leader

Intrizen is a leading SAP SuccessFactors partner. Our team has the experience, advanced product knowledge and technical skill to take on implementations of any size, scale or scope. From leading a Fortune 100 firm in the world’s largest and most complex SAP SuccessFactors transformation to helping mid-sized businesses level up, we have seen and solved for it all.

A Reliable Partner

We understand that undergoing a large-scale HR transformation requires more than just technical knowledge. You need a partner that you can count on to deliver results, while you focus on the business. We’re here to problem-solve, provide honest counsel, help you navigate politics and get everyone on board.

An Unshakeable Visionary

We devise the big picture, and the thousands of interconnecting pieces within it, so that you don’t have to. Our architects guide your team from project launch to positive outcome, managing changes and challenges with absolute focus and a steady hand. But most importantly, we ensure that everyone on the team sees the vision along the way.

A Champion of Positivity

At Intrizen, success is not just a functioning system—it’s ensuring that your team has a great experience throughout the process. Without the right partner, the stress, workload and challenges of these projects can wreak havoc on your team. Our strength lies in creating a positive team environment in which every single person feels valued and empowered. We even implement metrics, communication channels, processes and even team outings to ensure that your team comes out even stronger.


Discover the Core Values that Drive Us Day-in and Day-out

At Intrizen, our mission is to multiply happier human connections by creating systems, processes, and experiences that transform organizations into change-makers for the highest good. We make that happen by carrying out these core values in everything we do.


Leaving a Legacy.

We believe in making a lasting positive impact on the world. The systems we create are used by real people every single day to accomplish their goals and pursue their dreams, for decades to come. These are career-defining opportunities to make your mark.

Embracing ambiguity and uncertainty.

We believe that change is inevitable. The key to powerful problem-solving lies in embracing uncertainty and adapting to whatever comes your way. All while staying cool, calm and collected.

Trusting in the power of the team.

We believe in collaboration. Driving change requires the contributions of many. We must entrust and empower each other.

Doing the right thing even when it’s harder.

We believe in honesty and integrity in everything we do. And that means even more when it comes to enterprise software architecture. The quality of our outcome relies on everyone to speak up when there is a problem, sweat the details and never cut corners.

Having Fun.

We believe that the biggest challenges bring out the best in us. With the right mindset, we can accomplish amazing things and enjoy ourselves along the way.


Jonathan Haberkorn, CEO and Strategic Visionary

Jonathan Haberkorn is an industry expert and a passionate advocate for positive change. Today, Jonathan helps companies spearhead organizational change with partnership and integrity as the Founder and CEO of Intrizen. 

Prior to Intrizen, Jonathan was the founder/owner of Apex Information Solutions, where he spent a decade as an architect, solution implementation lead and trusted SAP SuccessFactors partner. Jonathan has helped many Fortune 500 clients navigate complex, multi-phase, global rollouts, even earning his clients accolades for the thoughtful, human-centered solution design. In fact, Jonathan led the world’s largest implementation of SuccessFactors to date, creating a HXM solution that is actively used by several people every minute of every day, worldwide.

Jonathan specializes in SAP HR and Success Factors for On-Prem, Cloud, and Hybrid systems. He is  a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in:

  • HCM implementation
  • SAP HCM personnel administration (PA) implementations
  • Organizational management (OM) implementations

Jonathan is well-known for putting people and their experiences first, and doing the right thing even when it’s hard. While leading clients through complex change, he has an innate ability to embrace ambiguity and create an environment where all feel safe to step into transformation. Jonathan excels in client communication and management of on-site and offshore resources, navigating multiple time zones and cultures with ease.

A native of Naples, Florida, Jonathan enjoys sunshine, meditation, endurance activities, music, and racking up his frequent flyer miles.

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Our Philanthropic Partners

Building a Legacy of Good

Our commitment to leaving a lasting impact on the world doesn’t stop with our clients. We partner with charities and purpose-driven organizations to drive meaningful change in our community.