February 27, 2020 in Apps, Business

7 Apps We Use to Drive Human Connection in Business

Business Impact Starts with Human Connection

There is no substitute for human-to-human connection. Since the dawn of time, humans have sought connection and community in life’s greatest pursuits. The most renowned thought leaders, philosophers, scientists, inventors, writers, poets, musicians and artists have created bodies of work that have profoundly impacted the world. But the greatest achievements in the world have been the result of collaboration: humans working together in pursuit of worthy ideals and common interests.

Consider how technology has shaped the evolution of human connection. From early people who relied on their own two feet to bridge the gap with others, we have seen:

  • The domestication of horses and other animals to shorten distances
  • The invention of the wheel to expedite faster transportation
  • Ships that could cross oceans to spread ideas, goods, and culture across continents
  • Electricity to empower greater connectivity, productivity and efficiencies
  • The steam engine & the railroad to power industry across continents
  • Morse code and the telegraph which revolutionized long distance communication
  • The Wright Brothers’ invention of manned flight forever changing the ability to collaborate together
  • The telephone made relaying information or forging intimate connections easier than ever before
  • The radio and television which created a new era of mass communication
  • Mobile phones put communication in our pocket
  • And last but certainly not least, the Internet changed the world forever.

Indeed, the world has relentlessly pursued inventions to connect with each other more and explore new possibilities with one another.

That’s the power of human connection. And together we can achieve great things.

Staying Connected in the Age of Apps

This fundamental idea still holds true today. There is no substitute for human-to-human connection. But now, it looks a little different. We are in the future now, thankfully living with the luxury of all the amenities invented before us, making it ever easier to collaborate for the next generation of the world’s greatest inventions—and this is our duty.

At Intrizen, collaboration is in the DNA of our business–not only in what we help our clients achieve, but also how we operate on a daily basis. Every single day, we are helping clients implement and optimize systems that better connect people, but to do so, we need to connect with them ourselves, and work together within the Intrizen team! That means flying millions of miles, hopping onto countless virtual conferences, and more email or IMs than you can imagine. All in pursuit of leaving an everlasting positive impact on the world.

As you strive to make your own mark, here are the apps that we recommend to help make this happen and push the needle forward while collaborating with your teams, communities and colleagues around the world.

Our Favorite Collaboration & Travel Apps

One Note
This application is designed to keep people organized with features that fit all types of organizational styles. It not only does your basic notetaking, but also features color coding, checklists, tagging and integrations. For those that are still used to writing instead of typing, One Note has a stylus that will capture your handwritten text and allow it to be searchable too!

Intrizen Perspective: Collaboration and organization require tools to keep coordinated. Utilize a stylus to communicate in ways that just can’t be written. Best of all, One Note keeps all your notes safely backed up, so you never have to worry about losing a notebook.

Keep connected and continue collaboration even when you no longer have cell phone signal at 35,000 feet. Most flights now have internet on them allowing people to stay connected on-the-go. This has proven to be a very effective communication channel allowing teams, colleagues and family to be accessible during transit.

Intrizen Perspective: Do people still SMS? The advent of applications like Whatsapp has reinvented people’s ability to communicate and stay connected with one another. Staying connected during travel is important whether you are on the ground or in the air.

American Airlines App
American Airlines is the largest airline in the world with more flights per day than any other airline in the world: 6700 flights per day to 350 destinations in more than 50 countries around the world. Chances are, if you are traveling anywhere around the world, American and its extended partner network can get you anywhere in the world that you need to be. Access to the largest airline in the world means you can get to where you need to be for loved ones, business or leisure.

Intrizen Perspective: There is no substitute for meeting in person. This app enables you to travel to the places that are most meaningful to you: home, your client’s office, vacation spots or to see family all around the world.

This app lets you know the exact real-time flight location of all commercial flights. This is extremely helpful to track the inbound flight that precedes your departure. Also with dynamic weather patterns, you can stay aware of mid-flight re-routes even before the pilot announces it over the intercom.

Intrizen Perspective: If you find yourself in a holding pattern, this is the time to pull out this app. Depending on the fuel payload, you may be diverting to another location for quick stop of refuel before getting to the final destination. When it comes to your business, time is valuable and you need to adapt to schedule and route changes as quickly as possible.

This is an incredibly accurate weather application to identify to the EXACT MINUTE when weather will hit and how long it will stay in your relative area. This is powerful as you navigate travel across the United States and around the world. Weather is dynamic and navigating dynamic weather changes requires up-to-the-minute weather accuracy.

Intrizen Perspective: The accuracy of this app is amazing. If you are ever stuck during your business travel due to weather, this will tell you the exact minute the storms come through and leave– a key thing to know when you have impending delays. It has been spot on!

Samsung Pay / Google Pay / Apple Pay
Ever misplace your wallet while traveling? You only do that once before you realize the importance of keeping backups in separate bags.  Now with the latest technologies, we have the ability to keep our payment cards stored digitally as another backup.

Intrizen Perspective: Don’t be left stranded during your travels because of misplaced payment cards. Always keep secondary physical backups in a second location and use the phone as third back up.

Intrizen Pro Bonus:

Listen in to live air traffic control to get inside knowledge on what is going on with the air-traffic. There is only about a 30 second delay so you can get near real-time information. If you are delayed on taxiway, or stuck on tarmac, turn on this app and listen in for the tail number. If you need the tail number, you can get it from the flightaware app.

Intrizen Perspective: I listen to air traffic control ground, tower, approach and clearance delivery to know if planes other planes are pushing back for taxi, taking off or coming in for landing. Knowing this can help you determine the likelihood of how long you might be delayed and your planes next move. You can hear your own pilot speaking to the tower too!

If you feel this message empowers you and you want to collaborate to make a positive lasting impression on the world, let’s connect.  #WeAreIntrizen